Kamis, 23 Mei 2013

Make money from probux

Previously, if you who do not know what it is Probux: Probux is one of the PTC (Paid To Click). PTC is that you get paid just by clicking and viewing advertisements. see his way here Find Money On The Internet By Following Probux
Strategy right, the steps that you have to do when you follow the program in Probux. If you have not registered yet please click on LIST Probux.
Below are 6 THINGS you must learn and understand if you want to succeed in online business Probux. These things are for those of you who want to succeed in Probux without capital provided you must be patient for as long as 40 days.
His starters you must be patient 40 DAYS, it is not hard for a really intend to succeed in online business, online business is the same as the existing business in the real world, there must be a miserable first and there are delicious, just look noh :)

1. Highly recommended, you need to click advertisements every day and do not miss the ad, in every day and feel the difference. Because this will affect traffic in Probux.

2. For Members standard in PTC Probux get up to 30 ads per day $ 0001 up to $ 0.01 per click advertising and $ 0.005 per click advertising for referral, if there are 30 ads per day usually 4 ads worth $ 0.01 that every day you get, for 40 days ($ 0.050 x 40 = 2.00 USD). After having $ 2 in the main balance transfer balance to your rental balance to rent referrals. As soon as your referral rent 3 referrals for 30 days at a price of $ 0.6, the balance remaining in your rental balance to manage your referrals renew (= replace rare referral click and recycle = extend the lease referral).

3. Once you click on the referral rental rented referral in Probux your account and you are directed to a page to manage rental referrals, Renew or replace AVG referral which is less than 2, the price renew referral in PTC average of $ 0.075 - $ 0.08 / referral, use approximately 30% of the balance of your rental balance for me Renew and Recycle referrals. Remember choose your referral to a very bad performance in the Renew / replaced and a very good performance or an average of 2 or more referral clicks / 2 + AVG for Recycle / extended lease period, every 2 days once you survey your referrals referral to see performance You. Do keep your referral management like this.

4. One moment you play the balance reaches $ 1 transfer the balance to rental balance again, when you reach a few cents per day is very important to make enough money in your Rental Balance to manage your referrals, because you can only transfer in multiples of $ 1. When you complete this transfer and have at least $ 2.50 in rental balance rent another 3 referrals to another, constantly continue this process until you make $ 1 per day in the main balance, at this point you can continue to rent more referrals every 7 days. Never rent a number of referrals that is greater than 30% of the total referrals you as this will make it difficult to manage renew and recycle referral you because you do not enough money to do so.

5. Continue to manage the referral process continues as before until you reach 800 referrals. At this point stop rental referral and you simply me your referral maintenence. You samapai accumulated income you can pay $ 70 to Upgrade your membership from standard to Golden.

6. By the time you become a member of golden, maintain your referrals as before the process. Each week take to rent referrals until you reach 2000 referrals. Any balance in your account directly unused for merenew / recycle referral is an advantage for you.

What is important is the intention and be patient, it's easy :)
if one does not understand, contact me via facebook, thank you, good luck :)
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